Acquire Video Security was originally founded in 1996 in Oklahoma City, OK to specialize exclusively in the sale, integration, and service of high-quality Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients.   During the early to mid 90s, most commercial video installations were being performed by companies that primarily focused on other areas of security, such as alarms, access control, fire, sprinkler, etc., and merely sold video as a sideline product.  As a result, many businesses were left with poor quality camera systems, inoperable video recorders, haphazard installations, and a general lack of expertise and service from their security providers.   Acquire Video was established as an alternative to these traditional security outlets.


Over the last 14 plus years, Acquire Video has grown and evolved into a regional / national CCTV integrator with systems installed in multiple states all across the country, from California to Michigan.  The company's client list is diverse, including hospitals, correctional facilities, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, local/county/state municipalities, law enforcement agencies, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, etc.   Acquire Video Security is one of just a handful of companies in the entire United States that currently sells and integrates customized, turn-key, High Definition Security Systems for their various clients.   In late 2007, the company released it's brand new High-Definition product called Max-HD .   With Max-HD, Acquire Video can now configure their client's camera systems to have all HD cameras, a mix of HD and analog cameras, all analog cameras, or even retrofit existing analog cameras with new HD cameras, and then connect these video feeds into their Max-HD  Network Video Recorder.  Acquire Video has also developed and released a car wash specific video solution dubbed "TunnelMax-HD", which allows owners and operators of car washes to "see" pre-existing damage on vehicles before entering their facilities...smaller damage previously undetectable by traditional camera systems.   Since 1999, Acquire Video has sold and integrated systems specifically designed to spot pre-existing damage on vehicles entering tunnel car washes.


With their Max-HD product, Acquire Video has vaulted itself into the forefront of HD CCTV solutions for commercial applications.  The company works directly with select businesses across the United States and consults, proposes, installs, and services their clients with the absolute best video surveillance systems available on the market.  Due to the buzz the company is making with Max-HD several  media outlets have recently done feature stories about Acquire Video Security and it's products, including Channel 5 (KOCO-TV) in Oklahoma City, as well as OKC Business Magazine / OKCbusiness.com.  And in June 2009,  Sonny's  (the largest manufacturer of conveyor car wash equipment in the world) became the exclusive nationwide distributor of Acquire Video's popular "TunnelMax-HD" High-Definition Car Wash Video Solution.  





                                               SPRING 2010 

                  (Courtesy of News9.com and KWTV Channel 9, Oklahoma City, OK)






   KOCO-Channel 5 Feature of Acquire Video's HD Cameras

                                    from SPRING 2008

                             (Courtesy KOCO-TV, Rob Hedrick & Jordan Williams)




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